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How to Select a Medical Practice Management System

Prior to implementing a practice management system that automated its billing operations, the staff at Tri-County Eye Physicians and Surgeons in Southampton, Pa., often waited weeks before learning that a claim had been denied due to mismatched diagnosis and procedure codes. Since going electronic, the practice has not only eliminated that wait but prevented errors from occurring in the first place.

Although costly, practice management systems are becoming essential for efficiency, experts say. Physicians can cut costs and boost revenue by automating everyday tasks like claim submissions and insurance authorizations. Read more about how to select the best system and take advantage of new features in this article I wrote for Physicians Practice.


Designing Your Medical Office For Efficiency

The way you design your medical office or clinic has a big impact on staff teamwork and patient satisfaction, experts say. Innovative practices are using technology to improve patient flow; tearing down barriers between staff and patients; and creating team workstations. Read on for tips on how to use layout and design to make your practice more efficient and patient-focused. Read more at



Finding the Right Fit as an Employed Physician

Key Point for Physicians: Find A Supportive Work Environment Where Your Opinion Still Matters

Many physicians are abandoning the headaches associated with running a private practice for the security of a steady paycheck with a hospital or large group. According to a survey by Merritt Hawkins, only 35% of physicians described themselves as independent practice owners in 2014, down from 49%in 2012 and 62% in 2008. These physicians are ready to let someone else deal with the ins and outs of new delivery models and the ever-changing billing and coding landscape, and spend more time actually practicing medicine. physician careers

But as with everything good in life, there are trade-offs. As an employee, you may have less control over when you come and go from the office and who’s on your care team. And after years on your own, you may not fit easily into a corporate culture that has a say in the patients you see and the decisions you make.

I reported on this issue recently for Medical Economics. According to the physicians and career coaches I spoke with, finding the right fit is crucial to your future professional happiness and success. That means doing your research, talking to prospective colleagues, and addressing areas of concern upfront with potential employers.

Fortunately, there are some forward-thinking employers out there who see the wisdom of making sure physicians are happy in their new working environment. Seek those employers out by asking about their process of on-boarding employees, their ongoing support for physicians, and exactly how much control you’ll have over decision making in your new job.

The full article appears this month in Medical Economics

Robert Bailey, MD, had been in private practice for almost 15 years when he was recruited to lead a urology division in the employed physicians group owned by Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona in 2011. Although he might not have entertained the idea a decade earlier, Bailey decided that joining a larger system made sense from both a clinical and financial perspective. Read more

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